Biotech Coachings : Why their existence becomes important for students?

India has around 60 coachings which provide teaching assistance to more than 10,000 students on 6 month basis. These are available all over India but main hotspots are Delhi, U.P and Chandigarh, slowly they all are developing and giving valuable assistance to young generation. The recent time saw sudden increase in number of coachings from 15-20 in 2013 and now 60 in 2018. This shows that Biotech coaching for MSc and NET is valuable commodity for the biotech market, they help to produce scientific talent in the country like other exams of medical, engineering, UPSC etc.

It was the start of millennium when Biotech coachings started to enter in this new phase of revolution. These were the institutes and people who thought of strengthening roots of future generation of India. This entrepreneurship for some people and institutes gave them satisfaction and new heights to crawl. There are only few good coachings out of a total of 65 coachings which are providing teaching assistance to Biosciences students of India, though the people offering biotech and life sciences coaching are much more than this number. These all are spread in different parts of India and some have emerged as a global enterprise to provide study assistance programmes and services. But some are good to ignore if you do not like to waste your precious time, efforts and monies. In this article, the writer has tried to make profile of some of the institutes which are worthy to notice and can be consider for best results. These are best observations based on parameters like faculty, Publication study material, study programmes, results, student satisfaction (google and facebook reviews), Digitalization, national presence, location, dedicated website and few others.The article do not promote or demote

About the list
Among the toppers in this list, Pioneer and no.1 is Gyan Bindu academy which was started in year 2005 with just a room and few students in a batch. Today hundreds of students per batch throughout India get benefits through several tailored made services designed by them, keeping in mind student’s requirement. They now have classroom programs, dedicated Publication, specialized faculties, top results, history of students’ satisfaction, online education services.

Second, we can consider Pathfinder academy, which was also started in 2005 and has gained much attention for their teaching tactics and study material. Pathfinder Publication was pioneer to provide tailored made study material which reached to every part of the country in a very short time. The academy has classroom programs, dedicated Publication, specialized faculties, top results, history of students’ satisfaction, the thing which drag down Pathfinder in the list is absence in the sphere of online education.

These two institutes together gives almost 60% of total results in biotech and life sciences entrance exams.

There are also institutes which gained attention of writer while making and crosschecking the list. Some
of them are

Edufocuss Education coaching in Varanasi which just in 3 years has produced some good results and gained
students’ attention. Edufocuss team has displayed good working toward student satisfaction.

IFAS which shows some good results in NET examination.

Vitaegen is also looks a good student oriented dedicated coaching company started in 2009.

Azyme and Central dogma are unique type of coachings start-ups as they look multiple service provider under one umbrella.

The names in list are many but student should consider worth of their time, money and efforts before decide to go to any of them and they should see how they can save the three necessary thing at right time of their career choice. These coachings are not considered for any ranking because they lack one or several advantages provided by top in the list or are providing biotech coaching as a part of their multiple coaching business. Thus we advise you to refrain from such money traps if you do not have plenty of money to spend to do experiment with the coaching and if you are looking for quick guaranteed success. As a suggestion, if you are looking best then it is suggested to avoid any other coaching unless you want to increases chances of failure and you should see what suits best for you.

Some coachings in the list are not considered good because of one or several reasons like:
1. They are start-ups or never developed like pioneers like Gyan Bindu and Pathfinder.
2. They show too many duplicate results to lure students into their academy.
3. They do not have study material of their own and thus either use others’ study material or give assembled notes only.
4. They could not give details upon request, to the author of this article.
5. They are regional and thus target local university exams which student can clear if they have some knowledge and tactic of looking previous year papers of the university they are targeting.
6. They have only few results from past or too many old results gathered in many years which reflect how much time a student take to clear exams after coaching.

The complete list of biotech/life sciences coaching is as follows in the table (see PDF).

Table: Biotech and Life Science Coachings in India and their services: The keywords used for search were coachings for JAM, JNU, CSIR NET, JRF NET, GATE Life sciences, Biotechnology ARS-NET. The table shows whether detailed information of service is available Online for general public or not for the following categories. Yes means impressive info is available for the category online and dash represent the information is not available or incomplete to interpret. The information was collected on 5th June 2018.

Note: Writer has tried to compile best information for readers, specially the students.