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Why to Choose BIOTECH EXPRESS to Convey Your Message?

BIOTECH EXPRESS magazine publishes articles that teach, inspire, motivate, and inform. Its Patrons include Research and Industry people from International and National Organizations representing excellence in science and its communication.

As Biotech Express is read by school and college students, teachers, researchers, industry professionals and the general public (through news agencies), the style of writing needs to be pitched at a lay level and written in plain but engaging language emphasizing the significance of the work to everyday life.

Anyone from field can submit articles. Prospective authors should first give a brief description of qualifications, institutional affiliations and expertise in the subject they are writing about.

Articles should be written in the style of Biotech Express magazine. The articles should be specifically related to scientific endeavours with broad public interest.


Articles are generally 1,000-2,500 words in length, should include pictures, graphs, charts, tables etc. if needed.

Articles should include a brief headline, an abstract can be of maximum 250 words and a one-sentence biographical note detailing your institutional affiliation and position. Do not include footnotes.

Images should be either provided as a high-resolution (1500 pixels wide) JPG. Note that graphics embedded in Word or Powerpoint documents are often unsuitable.

How to Submit an article in Biotech Express magazine?

We greatly prefer electronic submissions. Please consider sending a query rather than a complete article, so we can work with you on creating a piece that is right for our readers. Please accompany queries with published clips or a writing sample. Please also send all attachments saved in MS Word.

E-mail submissions or queries to: [email protected]

Please familiarize yourself with the magazine before querying.

Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

Due to the great number of submissions received, we regret that we cannot respond to every submission quickly. Thank you for your understanding. Please allow at least three months for a response.

If you are querying about a time-sensitive news story, please put the word “timely” in the subject line.

Review Process

In selecting articles for publication, the editors gives preference to those of general significance that are well written, well organized, and intelligible to the multidisciplinary Biotech Express Magazine audience. Membership in Biotech Express is may be a factor in selection. Biotech Express Magazine aims to publish articles on top-quality work with important impact, and to introduce readers with diversified resources in important areas of Biosciences. Articles will usually take a broad view or provide an example shedding light on a broad area, and may summarize research that has been previously published in more technical publications.

Results of the review process are normally available within two months of submission. Especially long submissions or submissions received during the submissions or reviewing period of a major conference may require additional time.

Outcomes of the review process include acceptance, acceptance with revisions but without re-review, revise and resubmit, or rejection. Articles that are consistently rejected include those that are overly commercial in tone, poorly written or organized, too specialized or esoteric, too elementary, or too long or that cover material already dealt with in Biotech Express Magazine.

If authors are encouraged to revise and resubmit a submission, there is no guarantee that the resubmission will be reviewed by the same reviewers or that the revised submission will be accepted. Submissions with a recommendation to revise and resubmit may be resubmitted only one time.

Articles rejected twice will not be re-reviewed by the magazine. All scholarly submissions (articles) first receive a preliminary assessment to determine their suitability for the focus, target audience, and style of the magazine. Submissions judged potentially suitable are then given an in-depth anonymous peer review, typically by 2-4 experts in Biosciences. Reviewers judge submissions for timeliness of topics, significance, and technical quality. Extensive review comments are provided only when necessary to authors whose manuscripts are conditionally accepted for publication.